So who are you?
Kirsten, 38 years, living in Munich. There are many other different things to be said and told about me but I´d rather let you discover them. In this blog I´ll try to portray the things I like. Whether it´s food, photography, travel or whatever catches my interest.
Up until recently I wasn’t interested in cooking at all. My grandmother was a great cook, so is my mother and my sister is a chef. Basically I didn’t´t have to cook and so I didn’t really do it beyond usual stuff. My views have changed (one of the reasons for this is love *sigh*…) and so I´m exploring a whole new territory. I´m trying to come up with recipes that can easily be integrated in my quite busy weekday life and that also feed my picky family on the weekends.

Stuff & Food is a kinda vague name….
Yes and that´s for a good reason (see above). I don´t want this to be only a food blog. This is more of a personal blog but my love for food will definitely creep in. With an axe. Totally „The Shining“ style.

Why should I read yet another food blog?
You don´t have to and certainly I´m not here to give you mind-blowing advice and recipes. I want to share what I really like and what is workable in a busy everyday life but that might also come along with a little twist you haven´t thought about just yet.

What do you love most when it comes to cooking?
Apart from pasta (deep eternal love for pasta!) I am very very much into spices and experimenting with them. When I first added fennel seeds to salsiccia I was h-o-o-k-e-d!

Are you really obsessed with cheese?
Yes. Cheese is love and I´m rolling in the deep, baby!